Personal Tax in Middleton

Personal Tax in MiddletonSo often hard working people don’t give much thought to their personal tax in Middleton. For them, taxes are withheld from their weekly pay and at the end of the year they file the simple form. They don’t own a business or have investments. They own their car and buy their own work clothes and pay for their own lunch. They have nothing to write off against the withholding tax. Since the tax is withheld, they never see the money. While they may briefly curse the amount going to taxes for the most part it’s out of sight out of mind. But what if you are unknowingly paying more than you need to? Something may have changed in your life, or work or the tax laws that would impact your taxable amount of income. What if there’s a glitch in payroll accounting and not enough has been withheld from your taxes? Surprise! You owe more and you’re not prepared to pay it.

We are committed to staying current with tax laws and changes that affect every tax payer. In Middleton, personal tax changes can affect wage earners, business owners, self-employed one man operations or unemployed lottery winners. It’s often the small changes to personal tax that may go unnoticed by the taxpayer that can cost money. It’s just as likely that changes in the taxpayer’s circumstances could affect tax obligations. We would encourage you to contact one of our tax accountants if your marital status has changed, you’ve added a new baby to the family or adopted a child, bought or sold a house, applied for debt relief, changed or lost your job or inherited money, real property or goods.

Any major life change, up or down, can impact personal tax in Middleton. When you meet with one of our tax accountants we may discover possible strategies that can save on your tax responsibility. Maybe you’ve been right all along and there is nothing happening in your life to improve your tax status. Wouldn’t you like to know that for sure and maybe get a little advice for the future. Contact Neal Frain Chartered Accountants and schedule a consultation with one of our tax accountants. Know for sure that you’re in the best tax situation possible